Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Harrow

Origin Architectural recently helped a customer from Harrow.  They have a lovely patio where they can enjoy the sun, but they were looking for a balustrade to stop anyone from falling off the edge, and also block the wind.

If a drop of more than 600mm is present, to comply with building regulations, you need a handrail or laminate glass.  However, the customer did not need to meet building regulations as it was just for the garden and is not selling the house any time soon.   They wanted a balustrade without spending too much, the obvious choice was the Viola system.  As you can see in the image, the Viola balustrade uses stainless steel posts to support glass panels, it’s very simplistic and modern looking.  As the glass is supported at the top and bottom by the clamps on each panel, 10mm toughened is sufficient and helps keep the cost down.

When it comes to measuring for the glass, we always advise that the posts are fitted first, the measure in between the post, and minus 40mm for the clamps.  This gives you the perfect glass sizes and you do not have to worry about fitting the posts around the glass. Alternatively, our online balustrade designer will work out the sizes for you. Plan Your Balustrade Using Our Online Balustrade Designer Now | Origin (

As standard, all the posts come as mid posts, end posts and corner posts (90deg).  However, the customer had two posts that needed 135° angles.  This isn’t a problem for us and we can make the posts to any size, to suit any job.  As well as selling standard 1100mm tall posts, we can offer a fabrication service to make posts meet any criteria.

The customers are extremely happy with the result and say that the Viola balustrade is exactly what they were looking for. If you are thinking about installing a glass balustrade then contact our Leeds team via phone: at 01132774316 or email:  for their expert advice.

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