Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Llandudno in North Wales

We recently completed this glass balustrade in Llandudno in north Wales. The customer wanted the balustrade to be powder coated in matt black to match the bi-fold doors that were already installed at the premises. The balcony offered unrivalled views over the bay in Llandudno.

There were a number of issues associated with this project. The starting point was to cut the channel to the exact dimensions of the customer. The customer gave us the measurements for his balcony. Using our software, we were able to calculate exactly the dimensions of the balustrade and where to cut the channel. In making that calculation we took into account the prefabricated corners that were supplied with the profiles. Once the channel was installed, we could then calculate the exact dimensions of the glass panels. In calculating the dimensions of the panels, the calculation was made from the centre of the channel. We are delighted to say that when the panels arrived they fitted perfectly!

Given that the profiles and the slotted tube handrail were being powder coated, we suggested to the customer that they should be cut first and then sent to be powder coated. This was to avoid any cracking in the powder coating. The customer found the slotted tube handrail very easy to install. Once the glass was in the channel, the gasket was fitted to the top of the glass. The slotted tube then fitted easily on top of the gasket. All of the components that were needed were supplied with the handrail. These included 2  x wall flanges and 1 x 180-degree connector.

The system was fully tested to the required line load test. The customer could not have been happier with the end result. He had a beautiful and secure balustrade!

Products Used

  • Slotted tube
  • Quality Fit Channel
  • 15mm glass
  • Slotted tube components

If you are looking to install a glass balustrade in Llandudno in North Wales or elsewhere across the UK then contact a member of our team on 0113 277 4316.

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