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Glass Balustrade in Northampton

Should you consider a glass balustrade in your home?

 A common misconception about glass is that it’s delicate and easy to break, and it’s easy to see where that’s coming from, but laminated or tempered glass is tougher than you think. Unlike metal and wood, the durability of glass is almost constant. Wood is prone to infestation and can be rendered useless within a few years, and metals are prone to corrosion if not covered with high-quality rust-resistant paint. With a glass balustrade, you don’t have to worry about degradation over the years.

If you’re going for a modern home design, a glass balustrade will offer you a flare of sophistication that will integrate well with the design of your home. Also, the transparent nature of glass will be very beneficial when it comes to keeping every integral component of your design visible. Glass by its very nature will integrate well into practically any design.

If your balustrade is made from glass, you’ll enjoy the illusion of more space within your property. This effect can’t be replicated by other types of material. If you invest in a glass balustrade for your staircase, for example, the whole area that’s connected to it, will open up and look striking.

Other types of balustrades tend to have gaps In between their railings, which can be quite a risk to inquisitive children. These gaps don’t exist with a glass balustrade, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting their leg or head trapped between two of the balustrade’s railings. They also provide a potential opportunity for young ones to climb.

Think of a glass balustrade as a glass window, it will allow sunlight to enter your space and keep it warm while at the same time preventing the breeze from passing through. This comes in handy if you want to enjoy the sight from your balcony without getting battered by the wind. 

Origin Architectural worked with a customer based in Northampton who proceeded with glass balustrades to create a windbreak in their garden, whilst keeping their grandchildren safe from any fall risks. Following a discussion on the various systems available, they decided to proceed with the Viola system, a great cost-effective solution for those on a budget!

If you are thinking about installing a stunning glass balustrade in Northampton or across the East Midlands, please get in touch with our expert team via email at or call us on 0113 277 4316. 

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