Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Oxford

Origin Architectural recently completed this installation for a domestic house outside Oxford. There were a number of complications with the installation mostly around the different angles that profiles needed to be cut to in order to accommodate the channel.

The customer provided us with the exact angles that he wanted the balustrade to be cut to. Using our in-house saw, we were able to cut the channel to the exact dimensions that the customer required within a tolerance of 2mm. The customer was absolutely delighted with the end results. It meant that the profiles fitted very comfortably together without having to purchase any prefabricated corners which are noticeably more expensive.

The glass itself was 17.5mm toughened laminate. This is two pieces of 8mm glass that are bonded together with a 1.5mm PVB interlayer. Given the shape of the angles, the customer asked us to produce drawings to set out exactly the shape of the panels. Using our new software, we were able to produce drawings that showed exactly what the dimensions should be.

The customer has asked us to provide fixings. We subsequently supplied 12mm countersunk coach bolts. They went straight through the predrilled holes in the profile into the decking below.

The customer’s house was very near the Oxford University athletics track where she had noticed the frameless glass balustrade that we had previously supplied had been used. She wanted the same look and was thrilled with the end result.

Products used:

  • Frameless Channel Quality Fit
  • 17.5mm glass
  • Coach Bolts

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