Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Plymouth

Origin Architectural recently completed this installation of a glass balustrade in Plymouth.

The customer wanted posts and rail. They were having a party and they wanted everything completed within a week. This was a challenging timescale but one that we were able to meet. We were able to supply prefabricated posts from stock. The posts already had base plates that were welded to the posts. They also included the glass clamps (4 for a mid/corner post and 2 for an end post) and a handrail bracket. The handrail bracket for the corner post is designed to accommodate a 90-degree connector for the handrail.

We sometimes suggest to our customers that they install the posts first and then come back to confirm their final glass measurements. In this instance, we did not have time to do so. We subsequently used our software to calculate the exact measurements of the panels. The customer was concerned about safety. We always recommend to our customers that they “pin” the glass. This means that the glass is supplied with holes in it. The holes are designed to align exactly with the holes in the posts. Once the clamp is tightened to the glass panel, it is then further secured by threading the pin through the hole in the glass.

At the end of the balustrade, the handrail was fitted to the wall using wall flanges. The wall flanges were secured to the wall and the handrail was then fitted into the flanges at either side of the balustrade.

Unbelievably, we completed the balustrade in 5 days. An Origin record! The customer could not have been happier with the end result.

Products used

  • 10mm glass
  • Stainless steel posts
  • Handrail

If you are looking to install a glass balustrade in Plymouth or elsewhere across the UK, then try out our balustrade designer tool or call us on 01132773416. 

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