Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in South West London

How can you make your home more extravagant? A home should be a place you feel most comfortable, but this does not mean you can’t go all out with your designs. And that’s where glass structures can come in. But, what are balustrades? Though the term may not be recognisable, chances are you have encountered more of these than you’d think. Typically, they offer both design and safety to any structure. Either glass balustrades or more modern balustrades; it depends on how they are implemented and the intended effect.
They are not just to support balconies anymore, they can add sophistication to any space that has a stair system. Check out this beautiful balustrade we completed in SW London (South West London), after 2 days of discussion of what will work best our customer decided to proceed with a frameless channel system, and we think the outcome is astounding!

What Are Balustrades?

A simple balustrade has two main purposes: for safety reasons and to add a contemporary design to domestic and even commercial buildings. Balustrades protect people from falling, adding a level of shielding. Usually found on stairs, terraces or balconies, balustrades commonly were supported by small columns called balusters. Yet, this is not the case anymore. Glass balustrades are becoming more trendy and aesthetically pleasing for any space.
When choosing glass balustrades, it is important to check the density, the strength of the material and resistance. Your balustrade can be made of clear, toughened or tinted glass; work with a glazing company to find the perfect material for you and the feel you want for your home.

Our Glass Balustrade Services

Here at Origin Architectural, we offer a wide range of glazing services for residential and commercial buildings. We are based in Leeds and we strive for excellent service for all our customers. Whether this is creating bespoke glass structures, or just answering the question ‘what are balustrades?’ We are here to help with any glass enquiry. Our team of specialists can design and install various glazing and glass products. Whatever your fancy, we will provide services that meet safety requirements and are of high quality.
For more information on our services, or to see how we can help liven up your space, use our online balustrading tool for an instant quote. Or, give us a call on 0113 277 4316 and speak to one of our professionals today.

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