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Glass Balustrade in Southall

Are You Using Glass Balustrades to Their Full Dramatic Effect?

Glass balustrades can be used inside and outside the home (or commercial property) to add both functionality and flair. There are many other advantages of glass balustrades though, especially high-quality creations by Origin Architectural, and we’re here to make sure you’re in the know and that your glass safety barriers give you maximum bang for your buck.

A glass balustrade is a safety barrier where glass is used to infill the gap between the floor and handrail, perhaps on a balcony or staircase. Frameless glass balustrades can be used, decoratively as well as practically, in place of spindles or as structural components instead of newel posts and handrails.  Structural glass balustrades are often referred to as frameless glass balustrades and can add a wow factor to your interior design or exterior design project.

You can use glass balustrades as a style statement in homes with either a contemporary or classic décor theme as well as in stylish commercial properties such as retail outlets, offices, restaurants and hotels. Here are the most common glass balustrade applications:

Origin Architectural recently supplied this glass balustrade in Southall, to create a glass partition for the client. The obscurity provided the customer with the privacy there were looking for, without ruining their fantastic views. In this particular project, we supplied our quality fit channel with 17.5mm Satin Obscura Glass to provide a more frosted look to the balustrade.

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