Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Balustrade in Weston-Super-Mare

Glass balustrading is an extremely popular solution for a range of building applications, for many years now glass balustrading has been seen as the ‘go-to’ solution for safe, secure and minimal look screening. In particular, the use of glass balustrades on balcony areas has been prevalent because of the safety benefits of glass balustrading coupled with the aesthetic advantages a sleek, clear ‘all glass’ balustrade system can offer. Typically glass balustrades can be divided into three fundamental types, post, frameless or point fixed (also called stand off’s).
Glass balustrade project
Frameless glass balustrades rely on a channel, base shoe or profile, all three are essentially the same but named differently depending on the manufacturer/supplier. The channel is available in various configurations to enable a range of applications, such as surface mounted, side-mounted or top-fixed with a flange to name a few. The channel is also available in a range of sizes to accommodate a range of toughened and toughened laminated glass.
Point-fixed (stand-offs) offer an alternative solution to post and frameless systems. Point fixings are typically round fixings that secure the glass via a drilled hole in the glass with a threaded screw and cap, they can be resin fixed or screw-fixed with a backplate. Point fixings require the glass to be drilled but the aesthetic benefits are worthwhile as the impact on the overall installation is minimal. Point fixings are often used in combination with post and frameless installations depending on the specific needs and requirements of a project.
Origin Architectural are a leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke balustrade fixings – glass channel/profiles, glass clamps, handrail brackets, baluster posts, glass standoffs, brackets, washers, fasteners and other accessories. We recently supplied this balustrade in Weston-Super-Mare! For further information on the range of high-quality glass balustrade fixings available, or if you require support with your build project, please contact our friendly, competent team on 0113 277 4319 or

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