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Glass Balustrade Wind Breaker in Leicester

Often when thinking of a balustrade, especially one made of glass, people think of the aesthetic look of the system allowing for the uninterrupted views it can provide from a balcony or patio. Also, they have other uses in this project, such as a windbreak. This customer in Leicester came to us wanting to design a small windbreak made from glass at the entrance to their house. They wanted a glass balustrade system that would provide a practical benefit whilst also not looking like an eyesore.

Creating the Glass Balustrade in Leicester

For this reason, we worked with this customer to provide a completely bespoke design that would be perfect for their front house entrance. To create this bespoke design we used:

stainless steel 42m grade 316 posts;
a base plate designed to support that post;
stainless steel 316 100mm cover;
and a wall flange.

Once the posts were installed we worked alongside the customer the accurately measure the 10mm toughened glass. Once measured and cut to the customer’s dimensions the bespoke glass panels were delivered to the customer within a week.

The customer is pleased with not only the visual impact of the glass balustrade but the practical effect of preventing the wind from coming through the doorway.  

They are absolutely delighted with the result as are we!

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