Frameless Glass Balustrade

Glass Staircase in Leicester

Origin Architectural worked closely with a local fitter to supply this magnificent glass staircase in Leicester.  

The task was to bring a sleek, frameless and modern staircase to this new home. Having only limited fixing space on the floating staircase, we used an ‘Othello’ glass adapter system. Fixing an adapter on every step gave it the structural stability it needed to support such large panels of glass, as safety is still our number one concern. 

 Origin’s glass adapters have a standoff that sits the glass off from the wall, and these range from 10mm all the way to 100mm. These larger standoffs are useful for external balustrades when trying to get past a lip of a windowsill or an existing wall. However, for this job in Leicester, we wanted to stay as close to the stairs as we could, so we advised the client to only have a 10mm standoff.  

Many of our Glass adapters are fixed into concrete, being resin fixed in with the threaded bar that comes attached. For the job above we also supplied the fixings, sending across some Dual threaded screws that are half threaded bar to attach to the adapters, and half coach bolts to fix to the timber. 

Whilst getting glass shaped as this may seem like too much of a challenge for some, some simple templates made from wood or cardboard are enough for us to cut your glass bespoke to you. For the Othello system, we also have to drill holes in the glass for the fixings to fit through, which again can be done with an X to mark the spot on your templates! 

If you are looking to get a modern staircase in your home please get in touch with the team on 0113 277 4316, or email your enquiry to  

Materials Used 

  • Glass adapter 50mm x 10mm 
  • 17.5mm toughened laminated glass- Dubbed corners and polished edges 
  • M10 Dual threaded screws 


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