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Glass Windbreak in Bolton

Bolton, the largest town in Britain located in the North West of England is home to about 260,000 people, one of which our next case study is about. 

When this customer approached us wanting a glass windbreak in their garden we were delighted to help. The customer wanted glass panels running down in the alley leading to their garden that would prevent the wind. After discussing various possibilities and balustrade systems the client chose our class Viola balustrade system (a post and rail balustrade system).

The standard height for an external balustrade is 1100 mm from the floor level. The customer could have opted to have bespoke, smaller posts made to get a height of 1100mm from the wall to the top of the posts, however after consideration for the wind kept the 1100 mm tall posts for extra protection. 

Having a barrier that high may often intrude or prevent the sun from lighting up the patio area, however, the clear glass and minimal infrequent posts prevent this from being a problem. Being at a height less than 600mm from floor level this system did not require a handrail and the result was a modern design that complements their beautiful garden which they can enjoy and entertain their guests in. Now they have the glass balustrade as a windbreaker, they need not worry about guests being blown around in the wind.

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