Frameless Glass Balustrade

Juliet Balcony in Falkirk, Scotland

This stunning Juliet balcony was installed in a newly renovated home in Falkirk, a beautiful town in the Central Lowlands of Scotland, historically in the county of Stirlingshire. This customer opted for a Skyforce system!

With the Skyforce system, there is no requirement for a handrail as it uses laminated glass. The system is fixed to the base creating a minimal visual intrusion. This installation can be done as a DIY job as it’s extremely easy to install as it can be mounted on a uPVC doorframe or window frame, timber or brick.

Measuring for your Juliet Balcony

Your balcony must be a minimum height of 1100mm from the internal floor level to comply with building regulations. If not, you can simply choose a frameless design or add a handrail if you desire!

The Juliet balcony is measured from the external openings (edge to edge). This is normally 150mm on each side.  To find the correct measurement, you need to measure the structural opening of your doors from brick to brick and add 150mm. For more information check out our  ‘How to measure for your Juliet Balcony? blog post.

 What is a Juliet Balcony?

A Juliet Balcony is simply a sheet of glass that provides a highly aesthetic barrier for a balcony on or above the first-floor level. This design is very popular with homeowners, designers, and architects as it is a frameless design, suitable for many types of properties. They provide a secure solution, creating a spacious feeling. This Juliet Balcony design is a perfect solution if you’re wanting to renovate your design.

If you are interested in our Juliet Balconies visit our Juliet Balcony site, alternatively, get in touch with our team in Leeds at 0113 2774316! 

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