Frameless Glass Balustrade

Maintaining your Glass Balustrade

A glass balustrade is a sequence of glass panels to either fence or separates an area. Glass balustrades are common building features because it offers clearer views, allows light to brighten the surrounding areas and offers a clean and modern look. Here at Origin Architectural, we offer a variety of Glass Balustrades to suit your requirements.

Of course, after an investment like a glass balustrade, maintenance is important. Regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of the glass balustrade. While the glass balustrade is made from thick tempered glass panels and high-quality stainless-steel accessories, maintaining it can avoid unnecessary maintenance bills over the long term.

Here are three maintenance tips we recommend at Origin Architectural.

1. Regular cleaning

Regularly clean your glass balustrade to ensure it looks new and glistens. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft micro-fibre cloth are recommended. Glass balustrades are a statement in the home and ensuring the panels are clean allows light to filter through to create an amazing spectacle, such as this frameless glass balustrade supplied by Origin to a customer in Lincoln. Regular cleaning avoids soiled panels and parts and makes removing dirt and foreign substances easier over time.

2. Check for chips, cracks or damage

Glass panels and stainless-steel accessories are tough products. However, these materials are not unsusceptible to chips, cracks or damage. If the panels have hairline cracks, it is best to call a professional to replace the panel or stop the crack from spreading. Unattended cracks in glass panels can be dangerous if the glass panel breaks and/or shatters. Chipped or damaged stainless-steel parts may create a rough surface that could be unsafe to touch. Also, the exposed area may be subject to external elements and develop corrosion. 

3. Check for stability

Check the stability of the glass balustrade on a regular basis. If installed correctly, the footings of the posts should be sturdy. If you suspect that there is a slight wobble to the glass balustrade due to use, underground movement or for some other reason, call a professional immediately to assess.

Materials Used:

  • Origin Quality Fit U channel
  • 17.5mm Toughened Laminated glass with dubbed corners and polished edges
  • 17.5mm Quality Fit Clamp kit
  • Origin Quality Fit End caps’

At Origin Architectural, we stock all parts, equipment and tools to construct a glass balustrade. We stock tempered glass panels and standard-grade or marine-grade stainless steel accessories to help you complete your project. We continue to serve our customers with reliable, effective and long-lasting products that have been crafted to suit various applications and can be tailored to suit your requirements. To speak to one of our team please give us a call on 0113 277 4316.

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