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Modern Glass Balustrade in Yorkshire

When we were approached by this customer with the vision for a glass balustrade in their gorgeous Yorkshire home we were delighted to help. Yorkshire is the biggest county in England and is often nicknamed ‘God’s own Country’, home to the Yorkshire Dales, the delicious Yorkshire puddings and believe it or not stainless steel. The fact that we too are based in Yorkshire doesn’t make us biased in the slightest.

The customer wanted a balustrade that would provide safety from the drop in their garden whilst also not interfering with their beautiful view. We worked with the customers to design a Cesario Glass Balustrade system, which proves very popular among our customers due to its modern aesthetic with the stainless steel posts, handrail and toughened glass. It is important to note that if a balustrade is in place to stop a fall of more than 600mm then the system requires either a handrail or laminate glass. In this case, as the balustrade is a post system using 10mm toughened glass the best option is to go for a handrail. (For more information on the regulations surrounding glass balustrades visit our other blogs.) This Cesario system has a stainless steel handrail that provides the customer with a comfortable place to lean against (maybe with their cup of Yorkshire tea) and to make the balustrade extra safe we attached the system to the fencing at either end for added stability.


Materials used in the creation of the Glass Balustrade

In order to complete the project the customer purchased a number of products including; end and middle balustrade posts with handrail saddle, 2 6000mm stainless steel handrails and 2 handrail wall connectors all of that are 316-grade stainless steel. For the glass, the customer bought 8 panels of toughened glass from TUFFX with polished edges and dubbed corners that were cut to the customer’s exact measurements. To avoid any errors we worked closely with the customer ensuring both the design and the measurements were exactly to their requirements. As you can see from the photographs the end result is incredible and the glass balustrade provides the customer with a stunning uninterrupted view.


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modern glass balustrade project in yorkshire

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