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Othello Juliet Balcony in Wrexham

Juliet balconies, also known as ‘balconettes’ or ‘French balconies’, get their name from the famous balcony scene in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
Simply put, a Juliet balcony consists of a balustrade fixed to the external façade of a building to allow rooms on the first or higher floors to have inward-opening, full-height French doors, which means more light, a greater sense of space, more views, and more air – a simple solution to achieving the luxury feel of a balcony with relative simplicity. Juliet balconies are a great way to enjoy the many advantages of a balcony but without structural complications.
One company that installers can rely on to meet all their Juliet balcony requirements is Origin Architectural. A leading supplier of handrails and balustrades in a wide range of materials and finishes.
Juliet Balcony systems
The first is the Sky Force Balcony, the first practically invisible system on the market. Cost-effective and simple to install thanks to its ‘slide & click’ design, it can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry. This system is aluminium anodised, covers widths of up to 3000mm with only one 2-part balcony kit, and is suitable for 17.5mm to 21.5mm glass.
Next is the Portia Juliet Balcony, designed to suit a 42mm slotted top/bottom rail system and 12mm glass, this system comes in a satin polish finish and requires no welding. The system is ideal for those on a budget, covering widths up to 2400mm.
A third option is the Othello Juliet Balcony, which comes with glass adapters that can allow the glass to sit anywhere from 10mm to 100mm away from the wall. It offers the elegance of the Skyforce system without being fitted directly to the door frame.
All Juliet Balconies are custom size glass panels, created to your needs! Polished on all edges and come with docked corners for safety and aesthetic reasons. The glass can be supplied with a radius corner, shaped, with cut-outs and drilled. A range of coloured glass, etched glass, and self-clean coatings are also available.
Origin Architectural’s Head of Sales comments: “Juliet balconies enhance the way a home looks from the outside without the structural complications of a traditional balcony. And allow homeowners to let in a large amount of natural light without having to compromise on safety. At Origin Architectural, we’re keen to help our customers offer this appealing home improvement product and give them an edge over their competitors. Our aim, as always, is to supply our customers with top-quality products and first-class service.”
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