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<span class="s1"><b>Portia Juliet Balcony in Coventry</b> </span>

Origin Architectural supplied this beautiful Portia Juliet Balcony in Coventry for one of our customers who has become the talk of the town!  

The Portia Juliet Balcony is one of our most popular and cost-effective Juliet Balcony systems. And with no vertical posts, it allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views out of your window, whilst also providing a handrail perfect for leaning on in the morning with a cup of tea! 

It is also much easier for our DIY customers than some of our other systems, as it uses 12mm toughened glass versus our other systems which use toughened laminated glass which is much heavier and requires more people to install. The Portia has 4 fixing points, one in each corner. The glass sits in between 2, cut to size lengths of our 42.4mm slotted tube. As it is designed for outdoor use, we recommend fitting the Portia into Brick or Stone, using M10 threads which can be supplied by the Origin team. The Juliet Balcony sits between 100 – 150mm over the edge of the French doors and can be supplied up to lengths of 2.4m! For customers with spans larger than 2.4m, you can check out our other ranges of Juliet balconies which we can supply to bigger widths.

If you’re lucky enough to be by the sea, we recommend using our marine grade mirror polished slotted tube to preserve it from the saltwater in the air.  

Materials used:  

  • Origin Prefabricated Portia Juliet Balcony  
  • 42.4mm Slotted tube  
  • Rubber gasket to suit 12mm glass

You can purchase a Portia Juliet balcony or one of our other Juliet Balcony Designs directly from our website in multiples of 100mm, or you can get in touch with our team at 0113 277 4316 or email us at for any bespoke sizes!   

Portia Juliet Balcony Coventry

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