Frameless Glass Balustrade

Post and Rail Balustrade in Dartford

Origin Architectural recently worked on Cesario Glass balustrade for a customer base in Dartford. The Cesario Glass Balustrade is a modern-looking glass balustrade, that uses posts to support the 10mm toughened glass. Not to be mistaken for our Viola range, which also uses posts to support the glass.  The main difference is Cesario has a handrail, whereas Viola does not.

The Cesario is more suited to areas where there is a drop of more than 600mm from ground level as building regulations would ask for a handrail because it acts as a barrier if the glass breaks. In this instance our customer wanted a balustrade for the outside edge of his patio, which was stopping a fall, so they opted for the Cesario.  The Cesario is also a little more comfortable to lean on. 

Installing the Post and Rail Balustrade

The customer was planning on fitting the balustrade himself, so we guided him through the process. Fixing the post into a wall can be a little tricky.  If the wall a solid this wall, then expanding concrete fixing or masonry screws work a treat.  However, if the wall is thin, or the bricks are hollow, the best fixing would be to use an anchor seal and threaded bar.  Ideally, an M8 threaded bar around 80mm long.  Drill a 10mm hole in the wall in line with the holes in the base place (4 holes per base place), fill with anchor seal, put the threaded bar in place and allow to set, use a nut to fix the post in place.  Fitting the handrail is also straightforward, requiring a small pilot hole and a self-tapping screw. (m5-sized screw) A tip for drilling into the stainless-steel handrail is to use a 3m Cobolt drill bit, apply pressure but drill as slowly as possible to avoid overheating the steal.

As you can see the finished balustrade looks great and the customer is over the moon.

Our team in Leeds are more than happy to answer any questions or chat about how to install the system if you’re unsure. You can contact them at 01132774316 or email us at 


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