Frameless Glass Balustrade

Staircase Glass Balustrade in Chelmsford

The use of Glass Balustrades to redefine your Staircase  

In the construction world, the use of glass is gaining popularity day by day, and with such stunning results, it’s not hard to see why!  

Glass balustrades can give life to your staircase. We use toughened glass to ensure it can withstand pressure or a decent amount of load. 

If you intend to use glass balustrades for your staircase, there is a list of options to pick from.  

 Frameless Glass Balustrades 

Frameless glass balustrades can fine-tune the look of your staircase. It offers a sleek and contemporary look to any modern décor. The use of minimal fixings when installing frameless glass balustrades for your staircase enhances the view from all angles. They help to define boundaries around your home without any interruption, while still providing incomparable safety. These can be installed both on top of a stringer or can be side fixed to the external edge of a staircase. 

Post and Rail Glass Balustrades 

It comes with a stainless finish that gives your staircase a modern look. It is commonly used because it is an economical and stunning option. This can be done either with or without a handrail.  

Using the existing framework 

 We have many customers who keep the existing framework of their staircase, who want to inject some modernity into it by including some glass balustrading. This can be seen below from one of our customers who wanted a Staircase Glass Balustrade in Chelmsford. The customer attached some of Origin’s flatback glass clamps to his existing timber frame to give him a sleek, modern look! 

Materials Used: 

  • 10mm toughened glass with dubbed corners and polished edges  
  • Middle D flatback clamps for 10mm glass

post and rail glass balustrade  frameless glass balustrade staircase staircase glass balustrade

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