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The advantages of a Glass Balustrade for garden decking


Glass Balustrade for garden decking


A glass balustrade can offer an elegant and stylish design to any project whether it be for a decking or patio. Glass is a versatile material and one of its many benefits is that it complements other materials and architectural designs making it perfect for any garden whether modern or classic. Glass being a transparent material reflects light making a decking area or patio feel more spacious whilst also offering an undisrupted view of the garden.

Another benefit of a glass balustrade for your decking is that it can separate your garden into zones. Whether your garden is big or small creating zones is a great way to utilise your garden and the use of glass means the zones won’t be cut off and the visual landscape won’t be obstructed.

When planning your decking it is important to consider safety measures, for instance, the type of boards you are going to use and the height of it. One way to increase safety is to install a glass balustrade. A glass balustrade can act as a safety barrier and the height of it will depend on how far the surface of the deck is from the ground. There are regulations in place that stipulate how high the balustrade has to be depending on the height of the deck so for lower decks that are 600mm or below (from the ground), the balustrade should be 900mm high. For decks that are over 600mm from the ground, the balustrade should be 1100mm high.

In addition to safety, it is important to think of the maintenance that your decking and balustrade will require. In comparison to a wood balustrade, a glass balustrade is much more durable and won’t rot or warp or get damaged by the elements such as rain or high winds. Additionally, it is much simpler to clean! Simply wipe it down roughly once a month (depending on the location and weather) with a glass cleaner or a combination of warm water and mild detergent.

Self Cleaning Glass for Decking Balustrade

What you don’t want, especially if you have young children, is to constantly be cleaning the glass panels from grubby fingerprints (we have all been there).

Well, the solution for easy maintenance is to opt for self-cleaning glass for the glass balustrade panels. In short, self-cleaning glass is achieved by applying a hydrophobic glass coating. This coating makes the surface of the glass smooth by ‘filling in’ the ridges of the glass meaning that it is less likely for bacteria, water and grime to build up. This makes the glass water-resistant and easier to care for and therefore is the perfect solution for a glass balustrade, balcony or even your shower doors.

When designing and building your glass decking balustrade cost is obviously something that you will be thinking about and the great thing about a glass balustrade is that there is something available for a range of budgets. From a frameless glass balustrade to a post and rail, we guarantee that you can find something that not only fits your price point but also your design.

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