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Wire Balustrade in Keswick

Origin Architectural recently completed the supply of this wire rope system for a customer in Keswick. Wire rope balustrades have a minimal, simple design with a secure and effective railing. Our stainless-steel wire rope systems can be used domestically or commercially.

What are stainless steel wire balustrades used for?

Stainless steel wire balustrades can be used for garden decking projects, outdoor stairways, balconies and more. The open design allows unobscured views whilst ensuring your outdoor space remains safe to use.

Commercial properties can also benefit from wire balustrades on staircases, mezzanines and walkways, as they will help prevent accidents in high-risk areas. Even commercial and tourist attractions can make use of a well-placed wire balustrade. Keeping public visitors safe from potentially dangerous drops and cordoning off areas unsuitable for public use.

Always safe and secure

The wire balustrades we manufacture are designed to meet UK building regulations, some of which state that balustrades and other secure fixtures should be installed where there is a drop of over 60 cm. The minimum balustrade handrail height for internal residential installation and commercial stairs and ramps should be at least 900mm or 1100mm or over for balconies and floor edges. Infills should be spaced no more than 100m apart if you are wanting them to comply with building regulations. Wire rope doesn’t always comply so we would always recommend confirming with a building regulations officer that they are happy with the wire rope system!

Our wire rope balustrades consist of stainless steel posts connected by stainless steel wire ropes and are finished with a sleek round 42.4mm top rail. Origins stainless steel wire balustrades come with between 6-8 runs of wire but are completely customizable to the needs of your project. The durability of stainless steel makes it a fantastic option for balustrades, while wire ropes are long-lasting, minimal and easy to clean and maintain.

Freedom of design

As well as possessing a variety of practical benefits, stainless steel wire balustrades also look neat, clean and attractive. While glass is known for increasing the flow of natural light, wire rope balustrades allow the same dissemination of light without concerns over glare.

The spaces between wire rope infills allow unfiltered access to views, meaning they are perfect for merging indoor and outdoor spaces. You don’t have to worry about changes in temperature or atmosphere that can be caused by glass balustrades, such as increased warmth on hot days. On the whole, wire rope is a great choice to add a secure, unimposing balustrade to your outdoor space.

Wire rope infills also remove the need to clean glass, giving you more time to enjoy your light, airy spaces and less time worrying about a streak-free finish. We recommend a good, thorough clean twice a year to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your stainless steel wire balustrade.

Simple yet effective

Stainless steel wire balustrades are both safe and efficient. Birds can navigate the wire ropes with ease, and high winds or rain slip through the infills without causing damage or obstruction. Wire ropes are durable and will hold up through years of use.

The gaps between wire infills allow light and weather to come through whilst keeping your inside or outside area safe. However, the infill gaps are smartly designed to be close enough together to avoid any safety incidents.

Hassle-free safety solution

The versatility of a stainless steel wire balustrade means it can be installed anywhere. And there’s no need for different or complicated specifications in order to make sure they work for you. Our balustrades meet strict building regulations, meaning there is one less thing for you to worry about. With Origin Architectural, it is as simple as measuring your area, making any slight specification tweaks and installing your balustrades. All of which will be taken care of by our experienced team.

A stainless steel wire balustrade offers a lighter, more modern look than traditional bannisters, where vertical posts can overbear the look and feel of your space. Instead, the posts of a stainless steel wire balustrade are separated by light and air, bringing freedom to your interior or exterior decoration.

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Wire Balustrade in Keswick

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