Wire Rope Balustrade in Dudley

Stainless steel wire rope balustrading offers an elegant, modern alternative to glass balustrading, providing the perfect combination of style and functionality. Wire Rope is perfect for bringing new life to existing decking, or when creating a new deck. Whether the project is for a makeover or a new build, wire railing balustrades offer a wide range of options and benefits. 

Metal posts for stainless steel wire rope balustrading can help create a minimalistic look for the cable railing, with the design allowing unobstructed views and not drawing attention to the balustrade itself. 

Some locations necessitate specific materials due to their particular weather conditions and the resulting demands on the materials. For example, by the sea, we recommend our mirror-polished posts which are marine grade.  

One of the great benefits of stainless steel wire rope balustrading is the minimal maintenance requirements. Occasional tightening may be necessary to ensure cables are as taut as intended, but overall, stainless steel wire rope balustrading systems provide long-lasting beauty with very little need for additional attention to keep them safe and beautiful. 

The number of wire ropes necessary is clearly an important determination for this system. Where building regulations are in place this may be decided for you, but for many, it is personal preference whether you have 3, 5 or 10! 

The finished product will be elegant, robust and of the highest quality, the photo is from of a Wire Rope Balustrade in Dudley, in the West Midlands that we supplied for a lovely customer. Newly installed stainless steel wire rope balustrading results in a finish that is attractive in itself, without detracting from the magnificent view beyond. 

Materials Used: 

  • Origin Fabricated Wire Rope stainless steel posts 
  • 3.2mm stainless steel cable  
  • Stainless steel handrail ‘

Configure your own design now using our Balustrade Designer Tool or give one of our fantastic sales team a call to discuss! You can contact them at 01132774316 or email us at sales@originarchitectural.co.uk 

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